Meet the Team

Sarah Sedgman

Sarah has over 20 years of experience fueling million-dollar growth, international business expansion, and technology innovation. She recently won an industry education innovation award for building a first of a kind Knowledge & Learning Network that combines digital learning, access to experts, and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Sarah has vision and a proven track record in achieving exceptional results while scaling and growing companies using innovative technology and new processes.

A true thought leader on knowledge, learning and adoption programs, Sarah has owned some of the largest and most profitable global education businesses in the industry, and has sat on several education services executive boards across North America.

Sarah is also the current advisor for Learning & Adoption for Invest Ottawa’s Scale-up Program which is designed to rapidly and systematically accelerate the development and commercial success of high growth technology firms.

Jillian Alexander

Jillian has over 20 years experience driving go to market value strategy for customers: with focus on sales & marketing, services, and partners. As a highly respected executive, Jillian has worked at some of the largest and fastest growing tech companies in the industry (from $100M to $100B) in strategic leadership roles and has held education industry board positions. She has closed 1M+ learning & adoption opportunities, created successful partners channel programs with up to 65 learning partners and resellers, built a learning SaaS business contributing to over 70% of the learning revenues (4x the industry average), and has driven complex sales, services and partnerships for the largest and most profitable global learning businesses in the industry (including IBM).

Jillian builds and delivers measurable value for customers achieving the highest customer satisfaction, launches winning go to market plays generating new revenue opportunities (including SaaS ), and creates deep partnerships to maximize business opportunities to build a strong customer base. 

Leah McGuire
VP, Customer Success

Leah has 20 years of experience driving customer excellence and impact through first of a kind Center of Excellence and customer experience teams, consulting for SaaS products, operations and production management in supply chain, and solution training and adoption for employee, customer and partner audiences.  Leah is a highly respected executive, who creates a positive culture and high performing teams, and has achieved impressive customer success metrics and satisfaction working with large and complex, global Fortune 500 companies.


She recently transformed the customer journey that improved customer health by 50%+ within 10 months, built out expert series content in her newly defined Center of Excellence team that brought 75+ trusted source assets to market within 1 year, and increased solution user adoption by 27% through an innovative Customer Value program.  Leah's passion for elevating the voice of the customer and accelerating solution adoption through Center of Excellence and newly defined adoption programs, drives a differentiated level of success for the organizations she partners with.

Taunya MacDonald
Director, Learning Centre of Excellence

Taunya has 20 years of experience creating continuous learning programs spanning internal, partner, customer, and academic learning. Over her career she’s been a corporate trainer, content developer, go to market portfolio manager, learning analyst, and a mentor to onboard and coach instructors. She has built Centers of Excellence based on her deep expertise across all corporate learning functions and execution of industry recognized learning programs, driving company growth and differentiation. 

Taunya recently reinvented an employee onboarding program that supported employee growth of 133% helping new employees integrate quickly with a great first impression and meaningful training paths by role. She created the framework for a new customer learning program that saw growth by $3M over 2 years, and built a channel enablement program from scratch, supporting large partners like Accenture, Deloitte, and Bain & Co. She has worked and lived around the globe, including Asia and Europe, and brings important cultural understanding to learning.

Tony Young
Learning Design Lead

Tony has over 18 years of experience in curriculum leadership, modern design, digital content development, and certification at $1B+ and $100B+ companies, where he owned large learning portfolios across many SaaS products. Tony has built instructor-led and digital learning programs within a large global customer base for 10,000s of users driving effective adoption of software. He has led complex curriculum development teams providing technical mentoring and coaching, and has developed award winning technical training courseware from basic to master level content.


Over his 18 years, Tony has led and executed curriculum planning and development for partner, customer, employee, and academic programs. He is passionate about understanding the right learning path to achieve maximum customer success and adoption and has proven to be an expert in the industry.

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